Aspects of Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy & some of it’s Aspects

The Polarity Therapy session is only the beginning. Polarity Therapy is a process that recognizes that each individual must take responsibility for his or her own well being and health. To assist in health-building and health maintenance after a session, Polarity incorporates the following elements:


Bodywork:  is a big part of Polarity Therapy for sure. Sessions can be done for simple rest and relaxation. For the most part, people leave their clothes on and are on a massage table. When more involved work is done then clothing in the relevant area such as the back may be removed. Then the session can be more to enhance a structural aspect. Mind you work can be done for the nervous system and much more. The benefits are huge. 

I have seen remarkable changes in people. I know that years ago I heard how Polarity Therapy began. There was a center for example in Murietta, California where people would come in with canes and wheelchairs and go home with out them. I personally have had clients come in with walking issues and they walked out balanced and with ease.

Nutrition: Foods have energetic properties that parallel their chemical ones. The Polarity Therapy approach uses these principles to educate around following a nutritional plan that includes foods from all element group. When there is an element being over expressed in the body, then food from that elemental group would be reduced until there is more of an over all balance.

Movement: The Polarity Therapy system includes unique, invigorating lengthening movements that balance energy flow. They take only minutes to do and when done daily produce significant increases in flexibility, stamina and energy. They may be used as a complete system or integrated with other forms of movement.

Attitude/Affirmations: It has become common knowledge that thinking patterns affect health through the energy field by influencing lifestyle choices. Although many people realize the importance of positive thoughts, few know how to constructively and permanently change their thinking. This is addressed and people are educated about how to be in their body so they themselves can learn which thoughts are creating negative sensations in the body and learn to turn that around. Their own body becomes the educator.

Upcoming Polarity Therapy intro: for those who live near Richmond Hill, ON then the Polarity Intro on April 16-17, 2016 is a golden opportunity for you. There is a 78 page manual included. The weekend is experiential and what you learn you can include into your life the next day. You understand Polarity Therapy when you have experienced it in your body. Contact us today for a flyer. 🙂

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