Polarity Therapy Training

Polarity Therapy Training

Modernization is spreading. For the first time I’m taking 1/2 of the Polarity Therapy training on line. This is the training that leads to APP (Associate Polarity Practitioner) status. That would be after the homework, assignments, Practice and testing are all complete.

This training is from Realizing Your Potential with myself (Sher Smith) as the primary instructor. This training is recognized by APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association). We are located in Richmond Hill ON which is just north of Toronto.

The course starts this  coming Monday from 6-8pm. This is real time and in person classes where everyone can see each other and talk to one another. It will run on Mondays, leaving holidays and the summer free. There will be 2 weekends in a physical classroom and each will be a 5 day weekend. They will be on Sept 7-11 and Dec 7-11.

Class size is small for lots of individual guidance, support and learning. Therefore there are only 4 spots left. There are articles below to explain more about Polarity Therapy. You can find more information on my website:                       www.realizingyourpotential.ca. You can hear comments from clients attending a clinic day at:


For more information about the class please contact me at info@realizingyourpotential.ca

Have a fantastic day








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