Double Doodle Play

Double Doodle play day – everyone can paint…!
… discover innate time-and sign skills
… strength relationship for color, shape and movement at the same time
… from the simultaneous drawing, you can’t get enough
… Double Doodle is a lustrous experiment
… Internal Vibrations on paper to express
… learning to develop for life
… mental strength strength for the trials of life
… Feet, concentration, improve flexibility, spontaneity
… and much more.

The Double Doodle play day ideal for all, the
grey brain matter keep fit or want to bring in momentum.

The above words are the English for a post of:
Kinesiologie Maria Obermair — with Glenys Leadbeater.

Of course the outstanding, gifted, knowledgeable Glenys was here at Realizing Your Potential in July of this year for some amazing Teacher Training classes and all who were there were/are so very thankful for her teaching.

Next Double Doodle course in Richmond Hill , ON is on Sept 17. Do come and learn, play and leave with a more integrated brain. Also, more tools in your toolkit. 🙂

check us out:

email for a course flyer:


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