Benefits of Brain Gym (R)

(First I do want to apologize for the time lapse since the last posting – technology is wonderful when it works!!)

Brain Gym® is the registered name that is part of Educational Kinesiology Foundation out of Ventura California.  Brain Gym is taught world wide in many languages. It is a sensory motor movement program.   It is a gentle and energizing program which includes movement to switch on and coordinate the brain and body for greater productivity and learning.  Educational Kinesiology stimulates the flow of information and processing within the brain and between the brain and body, restoring your natural ability to learn and function at optimum efficiency.


– One learns how to set a clear intention to direct the learning
– There are specific Brain Gym balances to improve reading, writing, spelling, math, vision,
listening, memory, auditory processing and more

It works with:

– Balance
– Organizational skills
– Communication, Focus, attention and comprehension
– Co-ordination
– Positive attitude
– Personal growth
– Assists to reduce stress, anxiety and depression
– Can be tailored to one’s specific needs
– Benefits are for toddlers through to seniors

– for personal development, in schools, business, sports places where improvement is desired

Flyer for next class at:  Brain Gym 101- 4.29-30.17






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