Benefits of Brain Gym (R)

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Brain Gym® is the registered name that is part of Educational Kinesiology Foundation out of Ventura California.  Brain Gym is taught world wide in many languages. It is a sensory motor movement program.   It is a gentle and energizing program which includes movement to switch on and coordinate the brain and body for greater productivity and learning.  Educational Kinesiology stimulates the flow of information and processing within the brain and between the brain and body, restoring your natural ability to learn and function at optimum efficiency.


– One learns how to set a clear intention to direct the learning
– There are specific Brain Gym balances to improve reading, writing, spelling, math, vision,
listening, memory, auditory processing and more

It works with:

– Balance
– Organizational skills
– Communication, Focus, attention and comprehension
– Co-ordination
– Positive attitude
– Personal growth
– Assists to reduce stress, anxiety and depression
– Can be tailored to one’s specific needs
– Benefits are for toddlers through to seniors

– for personal development, in schools, business, sports places where improvement is desired

Flyer for next class at:  Brain Gym 101- 4.29-30.17






Discovering Benefits of Brain Gym(R)

The benefits of Brain Gym are many. What is Brain Gym? It is a brain organizing process using specific meovenets. It is easy and fun. Based on 26 movements and a 5 step process. The results are amazing. They are accumulative and progressive.

The Brain Gym process is part of Educational Kinesiolgy. It was developed by Dr. Paul Dennison Phd. Also a part of the developmental process is his wife Gail Dennison. They reside in Ventura California.

Brain Gym is a priority based system. The classes are developed to assist personal growth and releasing of blocks to moving forward. It a process that utilizes movement for the body to learn. Paul Dennison says that movement is the door to learning. These movements work as they are done for specific reasons using the intention that the client decides that they want to work with.

It is a unique process that allows a person to tap into their highest potential. This process facilitates getting all the neural circuits working at their optimum level. Through this process energy is freed up that a person can then utilize to move forward.

This work is based on science and works best when there is creativity and an indiviutal art form created for that particular client. It is a dance that is created to meet a person where they are set it up so they can decide whete they are going next

Brain gym is used by all ages. The seniors reactivate their memory, increase their balance and their cognition. Anyone at any level who wants to improve their work or study habits and create new higher level functioning. Evan works with toddlers who may have missed a developmental piece that through the use of Brain Gym can be integrated.

The next class is on January 20-22. Come and explore. Come and enhance your abilities. We look forward to meeting you in person.

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This is an experiential weekend. It is fun, informative and might even be life changing.

The Educational Kinesiology process was developed by Dr. Paul Dennison, Ph.D. Through his work with learning disabled children and the positive results that he witnessed and achieved, he came to realize that all learning occurs through movement, and after 20 years of research and private practice, synthesized his ideas into the Educational Kinesiology process. This process uses simple activities (movements) called Brain Gym to enhance whole brain functioning.

The movements are simple, fun, easy and effective. Accomplishing more and discovering the ease and joy of meeting new challenges is the intention of the Brain Gym® process. Through the use of the simple and highly effective Brain Gym movements, the brain and the entire nervous system are activated for optimal performance.

In her recent book titled “Smart Moves”, Dr. Carla Hannaford, a neurophysiologist, further explains these ideas and “why” a person must move to activate his/her learning potential. She states that: “As we grow, as we move, as we learn, the cells of our nervous systems connect in highly complex patterns of neural pathways. These patterns are organized and reorganized throughout life, allowing us greater ability to receive outside stimuli and perform the myriad jobs of human life.”

Brain Gym, which is the first level of the Educational Kinesiology process, introduces activities that enhance the learning process. It is a self-directed learning process with movements that activate the brain for specific functions.

This process also provides the tools that enables the subject to release accumulated stress and develop strategies for handling the daily stresses of life.

Brain Gym is fun and easy to learn. It consists of four simple steps to get ready and 26 targeted activities that are used to move through a 5 step balance process designed to facilitate integration of whole brain function for whole brain utilization. When under stress people tend to revert to a one hemisphere usage, which is usually their dominant pattern of brain activation.

The highest potential for all people is the ability to draw on and use both sides of their brain as one. Whole brain activity increases learning and can bring improvements in such skills as memory, mathematics, reading, writing, concentration, communication, creativity and athletic performance. Brain Gym also tends to increase overall energy levels.

Brain Gym can be experienced through courses and in private sessions from certified practitioners. The individual sets the intention of what they want to accomplish or a skill or potential that they want to develop, and the Brain Gym activities assist the individual to access the skills and abilities that the intention requires.

Experience Brain Gym, and let your personal participation be the next step in your move forward to attaining and achieving your intentions and life dreams.


 Sher Smith, RN, R.C.S.T., B.C.P.P., RPE, is a Registered Nurse, Registered Cranial Sacral Therapist, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, Registered Polarity Therapy Educator and Educational Kinesiology Instructor who has been involved in the Holistic health field since 1979.

Her professional training is varied and comprehensive, including studies in Cranial Sacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills and the Upledger Institute; along with certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Educational Kinesiology and Touch for Health.

Sher was the founding President of the Ontario Polarity Therapy Association, is a member of the American Polarity Therapy Association (having served as Past-Vice-President of the Board of Directors), is a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the United Kingdom, and is the Director of the Realizing Your Potential Center of Holistic and Energetic Studies. She is a Canadian International Faculty member for Brain Gym® with the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, California.

Sher is available for private consultations and sessions in person or by Skype and to teach globally.






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Registration Form:  Brain Gym® 101

January 20-22, 2016

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 PLACE:               Realizing Your Potential (at the Loyal True Blue Orange Home)

11181 Yonge Street, #210, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4S 1L2

TIME:                 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

 TUITION:           $450 or $395 with $100 deposit one month prior start of course

(course is tax deductible with tax receipt for the year given in March of the following year)

 Phone:               905-751-1076











Double Doodle Play and Brain Gym(R)

Double Doodle Play is a one day of activities to really get all parts of your brain working together. This allows for whole brain functioning to maximize your full potential. The flyer for the next course is below.

Brain Gym is a brain organizing process. the results people have seen are amazing. Improves many cognitive functions and the flyer for the next course is below.

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Double Doodle Play

Double Doodle play day – everyone can paint…!
… discover innate time-and sign skills
… strength relationship for color, shape and movement at the same time
… from the simultaneous drawing, you can’t get enough
… Double Doodle is a lustrous experiment
… Internal Vibrations on paper to express
… learning to develop for life
… mental strength strength for the trials of life
… Feet, concentration, improve flexibility, spontaneity
… and much more.

The Double Doodle play day ideal for all, the
grey brain matter keep fit or want to bring in momentum.

The above words are the English for a post of:
Kinesiologie Maria Obermair — with Glenys Leadbeater.

Of course the outstanding, gifted, knowledgeable Glenys was here at Realizing Your Potential in July of this year for some amazing Teacher Training classes and all who were there were/are so very thankful for her teaching.

Next Double Doodle course in Richmond Hill , ON is on Sept 17. Do come and learn, play and leave with a more integrated brain. Also, more tools in your toolkit. 🙂

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Polarity Therapy Training

Polarity Therapy Training

Modernization is spreading. For the first time I’m taking 1/2 of the Polarity Therapy training on line. This is the training that leads to APP (Associate Polarity Practitioner) status. That would be after the homework, assignments, Practice and testing are all complete.

This training is from Realizing Your Potential with myself (Sher Smith) as the primary instructor. This training is recognized by APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association). We are located in Richmond Hill ON which is just north of Toronto.

The course starts this  coming Monday from 6-8pm. This is real time and in person classes where everyone can see each other and talk to one another. It will run on Mondays, leaving holidays and the summer free. There will be 2 weekends in a physical classroom and each will be a 5 day weekend. They will be on Sept 7-11 and Dec 7-11.

Class size is small for lots of individual guidance, support and learning. Therefore there are only 4 spots left. There are articles below to explain more about Polarity Therapy. You can find more information on my website:              You can hear comments from clients attending a clinic day at:

For more information about the class please contact me at

Have a fantastic day








Aspects of Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy & some of it’s Aspects

The Polarity Therapy session is only the beginning. Polarity Therapy is a process that recognizes that each individual must take responsibility for his or her own well being and health. To assist in health-building and health maintenance after a session, Polarity incorporates the following elements:


Bodywork:  is a big part of Polarity Therapy for sure. Sessions can be done for simple rest and relaxation. For the most part, people leave their clothes on and are on a massage table. When more involved work is done then clothing in the relevant area such as the back may be removed. Then the session can be more to enhance a structural aspect. Mind you work can be done for the nervous system and much more. The benefits are huge. 

I have seen remarkable changes in people. I know that years ago I heard how Polarity Therapy began. There was a center for example in Murietta, California where people would come in with canes and wheelchairs and go home with out them. I personally have had clients come in with walking issues and they walked out balanced and with ease.

Nutrition: Foods have energetic properties that parallel their chemical ones. The Polarity Therapy approach uses these principles to educate around following a nutritional plan that includes foods from all element group. When there is an element being over expressed in the body, then food from that elemental group would be reduced until there is more of an over all balance.

Movement: The Polarity Therapy system includes unique, invigorating lengthening movements that balance energy flow. They take only minutes to do and when done daily produce significant increases in flexibility, stamina and energy. They may be used as a complete system or integrated with other forms of movement.

Attitude/Affirmations: It has become common knowledge that thinking patterns affect health through the energy field by influencing lifestyle choices. Although many people realize the importance of positive thoughts, few know how to constructively and permanently change their thinking. This is addressed and people are educated about how to be in their body so they themselves can learn which thoughts are creating negative sensations in the body and learn to turn that around. Their own body becomes the educator.

Upcoming Polarity Therapy intro: for those who live near Richmond Hill, ON then the Polarity Intro on April 16-17, 2016 is a golden opportunity for you. There is a 78 page manual included. The weekend is experiential and what you learn you can include into your life the next day. You understand Polarity Therapy when you have experienced it in your body. Contact us today for a flyer. 🙂

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